March 7, 2012


Hi! So I am finally done with preparing my blog to see the world and I am starting to post my Half-a-year of works here a few at a time. I will write about them too, when it is important for me to explain my working process. I also feel that my thoughts about my paintings and drawings,which are surely extremely interesting and integral for me, would also be a valuable source of information for someone and an opening for discussion for others. So voila! I'
 going to speak=)
This work is my first Media class illustration done in pen and ink in the beginning of September 2011.
I tried to explore the medium and to find an appropriate voice for the subject I tried to paint. As this dolphin has reallly smooth skin surface and the only variation of tone is caused by the interplay of light and shadow on his back, which is a very intricate pattern, I went for very small circular mark-making. This voice created an opportunity to make the needed subtle changes,unify the piece and also made the work look interesting just in the way it's crafted.  The main focus here for me was the light reflection on it's back, which made the most beautiful and peculiar pattern. The emphasis on that part of the drawing is created by the highest tonal contrast and also the juxtaposition of the intricacy of the pattern with a plane background. I also tried to create the sense of flowing movement through the elongated horizontal format and the directional streams of water on the surface.

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