March 8, 2012

The tree landscapes

This is an in-process triptych of the three landscapes,each one of which stands for a special place and my experience in a country I have lived in.
The first one is a scenery from Pushkinskie Gori in Russia, the second one is the Old Castle in Duino, Italy and the third one is the beach scene from Sarasota, Florida, where I live right now. All the three places are very dear for me and I have great emotional connection to all the three of them.
The first one used to be a place of our annual hike with my favourite Lyceum of Informational Technologies in Mocsow, where I disocovered people and learned to express my love and compassion for them, as well as value their depth and beauty. The second one was a place for our rebellious retreats in United World College of the Adriatic - a forbidden place to go to, but anyways visited by many of us and loved for it's astonishing beauty as much as for it's romantic mystisism and slight feel of danger. The third one is a current place for night star-gazing, guitar-playing, song-singing, dancing on the sand, skinny-dipping, the place of the lulling calming sound of the waves and great natural freedom. The hippy time of my life=)
I love all of them!=)

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