April 14, 2012

Korolevna ("King's daughter, princess in russian")

This is an associative illustration for a song by the Russian folk band Windmill (Mel'nitsa), called "Korolevna". It is a song about love, dreams and flying. It speaks about a beautiful dream of love and free flight which is only a dream, but not the reality and might never come true. To me this song speaks about something very familiar and touches a very vulnerable part of me  - it is about having beautiful and pure and clear dreams which all of us have inside even when we realize that the current reality is quite different. I am putting it up here purely because some of my friends would like to see my progress on it and I didn't want to keep them waiting( ;) ), but wait - soon you'll see a better version of this, as I am going to work it over and fix some things I am still not satisfied with. Just to clarify - I had just  one sleepless night to cover the line drawing with color and produce a finished illustration and I worked for around 11 hours non-stop, from 9 in the evening till 8:25 in the morning, and this is as far as I could get with that time and level of concentration)So I hope you enjoy what can be enjoyed in it and would appreciate some comments if you have ideas about the things you'd like to see done differently in it. Thanks, I'll update you on this soon,
<3 Olga.

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