April 28, 2012

Underwater Love

This is my last open project - my first digital illustration. We were free to do whatever we wanted and I chose a beautiful underwater love scene as my narrative. For me this illustration is the expression of a loving  relationship of a woman with a man. The whole scene is happening underwater and water to me is a symbol of sexuality, so the couple is completely plunged into it with complete surrender, pleasure and totality. I was working out the position of the figures for a long time to get the gesture that expresses to me all the qualities I think a loving relationship has. I decided to have the couple gently embracing each other,with tenderness and respect, but yet confidently. They are kissing each other as a sign of being humanly close and looking into each other's eyes, which creates a thread of trust and openness and understanding in between them. They love each other and are willingly intertwined together at the same time remaining free in their movement. I let their legs drift in a kind of a dance to show the liveliness and the freedom of movement in between them. No one is dominating, both of the people are equal and there is a partner trust and openness in between them. The intimacy of love is protected by the underwater plants - it's a warm sweet mysterious forest,filled with light and beauty.
The main part of the work was getting the great feeling of harmony and liveliness and joy through the colors of the piece. The beautiful shimmering light, the patterns of sunrays on the sea bottom, the bright green of the waterplants,the striking blue of the water and the warm rose petal/pearl color of the skin create that beautiful feeling as I see it.
Having created this project, I hope this all comes true in my life ;),as I was dreaming it for a long time and with all my heart I believe it is possible =)

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