September 30, 2013

Sketchbook pages


Haiku fairy-tale:
"When the trees fall asleep
In the forest an unusual silence sounds.
In it thousands of colorlessly-black branches
Sing the colorlessly-white snow. "


Небо любит, чтобы его говорили.
Оно ждет - каждый раз, когда слово слетает с губ,
Новая звезда сияет в его глубинах.
Bees apparently feel like they are making love to the flower when they are pollinating it. It is something tremendously beautiful to me. Love.

 Jose Carlos Zavarse Pinto, my friend=) The dog and the experiment for concentration image - we've had a toy, which could record the level of the human's concentration at any given period of time - the ball was going up and flying when the concentartion was there and fall down whwn it was lost. The challenge was to make it go a circle up without falling!=) It was fun to play with that! We experimented with it and saw when the concentration the highest - and if it is there!=) - when I am drawing - and it proved to be the strongest when I was doing the little details of the circles around the bottle, and then it fell down=) I was more concentrated when listening to what Irene was telling me about this. It was cool! Thanks for her aunt and all the people in Mexico who have been with me there!=)
Dreams of the road idea came to me here - a project with compilations of images from the road, the journey that we take in life, with some kind of definite meaning that I am not certain about yet. Pink Road. Dream Road. Reminds me of Disney, but I swear that's not what I saw in it!=)

I have actually seen that - two trees colliding together, one purple in the twilight, another one dark green and one cloud stripe piercing through the crown of the united trees. I have added another one, which was also an impression on the road - the weird shape of it, like an arrow!

The landscape of my soul
My Creativity  Self-Portrait
 Автопортрет - Мое творчество

Enjoy! Have fun!


  1. The pages are incredible!
    I wish I could see them in reality

  2. Thanks! Who is it? If you are at Ringling, I can show you=) If not, you'll have to wait=)