March 23, 2012


My latest figure drawing work, which is the best one I have so far, I think. It's done in pastel,in around 4 hours of work from life. I was thinking a lot about figure drawing lately and heard a lot of useful information and advice and I think the thing that I managed to do here after a lot of struggle is to combine the freedom and movement of "brushwork"(if you can call that what you do with pastel)with believability of the image and precision of tone and color. As well I feel like I finally managed to keep the attention clearly focused on one area of the image(upper body/face) through bringing out the accented lights while keeping the rest interesting through the interplay of saturation and color. The legs and the whole down part need a little more work, but I'll keep it as it is for now. Maybe will work on it in summer whenever I feel like. 

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