February 5, 2013

The Golden Calf

My work is an interpretation of the Exodus story of the Golden Calf. The Golden Calf is the symbol of false faith on the religious path. Sadly enough, more and more I look at the modern religions – the biggest ones – Buddhism, Judaism, Islam and Christianity, the more I see them deviating from the roots of what was preached by the founders. Christian fanatics are creating armies out of children to fight for Jesus, Islamic extremists are killing innocent people in the name of God, Buddhist monks become so separated from the world, that their lives become a self-destruction – constant fasting, celibacy, very strict schedules, violence to their own human nature.  The religious leaders I have observed so far are in a large number emotionally unclear – they preach beautiful things but inside them harness abusiveness, anger and hatred, harshly judging others according to their religious rules and beliefs.
To me the only real religion that is the true basis of all the four of mentioned above is love. Love is what Jesus taught, love is what Mohammed taught, love is what Buddha taught, love is what Abraham taught. So to me in modern times the Golden Calf of blindly following the rituals, the scriptures, the images created by human mind instead of the true path of the heart hides inside the religion itself. I have met many devotees who would have and icon on a wall and then talk mean gossip behind the backs of their friends or the ones who would be blissful while chanting the saint mantras but easily loose temper once they were out of temple. To me the only way to truly be religious is to live as a live embodiment of love and to do everything that is possible to open up to this way of existence.
Thus my piece for this competition is the exploration of the subject as I described it and an expression of my vision. The three heads represented have different things they focus on – the two sideways ones, which are shining with happiness, are focusing on the whimsical things that are really dear to their hearts – simple things, everyday things. They put their hearts into music, writing, drawing, connecting with nature, cooking. The person in the middle, though, has lost the joy of his life because he has enclosed himself in a very limited world of religious scriptures and rules – he thinks that the only thing that is needed to be done in life is blindly following them, and then he will achieve bliss either in his next life or in his religious heaven. His face is very serious and disappointed as he spreads the judgment that he holds in his head for himself on all the others – and as we all are imperfect in our nature, though perfect in that imperfect beauty, nothing can satisfy him completely; and by holding on to his blind beliefs and scriptures he closes his heart for the real love coming his way from the others around and from inside himself.
I wish everyone who sees this piece and reads this explanation looks honestly inside him or herself and tries to find the useless judgmental rules and regulations that they have been following blindly till this moment and take a chance to change that to the true empathy and intimate sensitivity to their own heart.
Thank you,
I wish you all many blessings,

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